Israel’s leading canine behaviorist
is now available in the U.S.

Jeffcolor-223x300Jeff Morgan

Owner and director of Howlywood, Israel’s most popular dog behavior and boarding center, and author of the brilliant guide book Happy Dog 101 has made Fairfield County Connecticut his home. Jeff’s unique and “Zen-like” approach to dog training has made him popular on an international level. His skills in the dog world are remarkable. But, what makes Jeff truly unique is his understanding of how people work.

Jeff says, “I love people. I don’t believe you can truly make a large impact with dogs if you don’t. Every time I have a new client, I get excited at the possibility of making a new friend. It’s a very sacred thing when someone invites me into their home and trusts me with the care of their dog while exposing some of their deeper, more personal issues.”

Jeff’s savvy way with people and his finesse with dogs has earned him a spot as one of America’s elite behaviorists. Jeff and his wife Yael are currently working on the production of a television series being created for Israeli viewers. The series will show how Jeff and Yael deal with some of the worst behavior issues known to dog and owner.

Jeff also lectures on a regular basis about the missing pieces in our communication with, not only our dogs, but with each other as well.


Puppies Four

Jeff’s quotes:

“There is no such thing as a positive or negative technique. Only positive or negative results from a specific technique used at a specific time.”



“The desire to change your dog’s behavior is always an opportunity for
a personal change.”


“There are different levels of trainers. Those that practice techniques and that rise above techniques.”


“When one subscribes to a specific technique, they may be successful with that technique but will also be limited by that same technique.”


“A true behaviorist has a deep understanding of and handle on their own behavior.”


“Dogs are not only amazing companions. They are mirrors into our own soul.”


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